Web Applications, Mobile Apps and What you Don’t Know

What are some key differences between mobile and web applications? Here’s what you might want to know.


If you are like most people, you’re probably wondering what web applications are and how they might be different from other types of applications.


Well, we’re here to tell you that there really isn’t that much difference except fro the fact that web apps are stored on a third-party server and then accessed by users from a browser by typing in the URL of the website that contains that application.  On the other hand, other types of browsers need to be downloaded to a device like a smartphone in order to be useful.


ASP vs web applications:



Sorry to get so nerdy here but…..


Actually, most websites contain web apps. If you take a close look at the definition of what an application is, you will see that this is true. What does an app do? It does something specific for the benefit of its users. Google, for example, is a web application that indexes information and organizes it, enabling user to search for information in library research fashion.



And there are other web apps out there. While some are paid,others are not. And while some are exciting, others are just the opposite of exciting. Need to tackle algebraic equations? There’s the algebra calculator.


Basically, even when you have any web based application made, it’s pretty much a sophisticated website with a very cool interface. Go figure.


App development for mobile vs web


Brace yourself for a little bit of nerdy excitement:


Any company that develops apps actually makes them to be used with multiple platforms, like a desktop computer, a tablet or even a mobile device. This is interesting because the same application interfaces are just crafty browsers without the URL address bar, all they do is call up an internet protocol and serve up information just like you’d find if you visited the application from within a browser. Most folks don’t realize this, which is why mobile app development companies are doing so well in the market right now.



Hiring someone to build out an app for your website is a great way to add emphasis to your branding. This is a new way that fans, customers, consumers, employees, subscribers and the like can easily access your information in real time instead of having to go to a browser to get the info. Apps are also smart for a business because a lot of the data needed to run many kinds of mobile apps can actually sit on the user’s device instead of being served up each time someone queries the server. What that means is that you, as a business, don’t have to spend as much money on data usage through your hosting company.


So I hope this has given you some information on how the internet is getting better and better from every angle. -Elias


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